About us
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CONTRUST is the team of professional
co-thinkers with 10+ years experience
in marketing research.

Some of our employees, with experience
exceeding 20 years, were the pioneers
of marketing research in Russia.

In CONTRUST we believe that there
is always concrete business needs
and questions that stand behind
the research objective. That's why
our main aim to deepen and broaden
your knowledge regarding consumers
of your products/services in order
to reach your business targets.

Analytics in clear and easy to read format. Deep understanding of business objectives. Employees with client-side experience
We speak "clients language"
Why us
Masters of questionnaires "Kung fu"
Comprehensible, short, transparent questions wording that is clear to respondents. No shallow questions without particular objective behind.
High quality and transparent fieldworks
Unique techniques of recruit and control of respondents based on broad experience. Transparency for clients on every stage of fieldworks
Speed and flexibility
Deliver results in the shortest time frame without impairment of quality
Director general
Yuriy is one of the "pioneers" of marketing research in Russia. He started his career in 1997 and dedicated more than 20 years to field management. He was field director in Comcon and later in Ipsos

Quantitative research
Katya has over 15 years of experience in marketing research both on client side (FMCG and Banking) and in top marketing research agencies (Nielsen, Comcon, Ipsos). Her fields of expertise are: FMCG, banking, Telecom

Quantitative research
Natalia has more than 10 years experience in quantitative marketing research and was working in top marketing research agencies as client manager. Sphere of expertise - FMCG.

Data Analysis
Anton has background in the field of data science, applied math and IT. He has more than 15 years of experience being one of the top experts in data analytics on Russian market of marketing research. He also made a valuable contribution in Russian marketing research, particularly, in pricing study methodology development and internet-based interviews methodology. His main principle is: none of clients' questions should be left without answer due to the imperfection of existing methodologies, there is always a space for creativity

Field management
Olga has over 20 years of experience in marketing research and wide knowledge in the spere of field management. Started her career as field manager she worked he way to field department head in the top marketing research agencies.

Field management
Has more than 20 years of experience in marketing research. Pavel worked as field manager in top research agencies such as: TNS, Comcon, Ipsos

Our employees have considerable experience in different methodologies of marketing research and we are always ready to propose you the solution which will fit you best.

We have 4 directions of quantitative methodologies we focus on
Support in the process of product development, reformulation and on the any stage of product life-cycle. In-home and in-hall product tests, usage experience, preference mapping, sorting
U&A, Exploration of potential markets, Segmentation (including occasion based)

On-line and off-line concept, pack, shelf tests, TURF, CBC

Customer satisfaction and mystery shopping
Was established in 2020, but we already have big Russian and international clients
Field capacities
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