Home testing
Due to COVID-19 we propose to do product testing in-home. We have unique field technique guaranteeing high quality of fieldworks, safe delivery and fast results

  • We can recruit groups with any incidence rate
    We use quantitative and qualitative face-to face recruit techniques
  • All respondents are double-checked
    We do online screening that is controlled by us (not only by interviewers). Furthermore, all respondents are added in internal base in order to double check their participation and profile in future
  • All products are delivered is safe individual packaging
    Products are delivered in safe individual packs by couriers straight to respondents houses by Contrust couriers.
  • Better understanding of usage experience
    As an option we propose videography and photo materials to enrich your data with usage experience
Safe in-hall and street interviews

In spite of the difficult COVID-19 situation we are still ready to propose safe in-hall tests and street interviews
  • We constantly control our interviewers health.
    Each interviewer herself checks temperature before coming to the recruitment of working place and after the end of the day. Temperature is also checked on working place by field manager.
  • All interviewers should take all possible safety measurements
    Each interviewer should wear mask and gloves when she travels in public transport to the work place. Mask is changed each hour while working. All interviewers use mask and gloves while working
  • Social distancing during interview and before it
    During the interview the social distancing is very important and it is strictly prescribed to keep distance at least 1,5 meters. The limitation of respondents' number depends on hall-test room size

    We ask our interviewers to avoid crowded places and keep social distance in public transport.

  • All tabs that are used for interviewing are disinfected
    We disinfect all tabs in case after each interview and in case if respondent touches the tablet during interview
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